Omega Centauri's Android software

Selected free Palm software for amateur astronomy

The applications on this page tend to be optimized for more recent, PalmOS 5+ based PDAs/phones like the Palm TX, the Centro or the Treo 650 and up, though most of them should work on Sony CLIEs, as well as as on some PalmOS 3.5+ devices. This page is maintained by Alex Pruss, and has a bias towards software that Alex Pruss has written or contributed to. Email to contribute links or for support questions.

Applications and utilities

Desk Accessories

A Desk Accessory (DA) is typically a very small program that accomplishes a simple task, and that can be popped up using a DA launcher on top of other applications (e.g., with a key assigned to that purpose). To use a DA, you need a DA launcher. One free DA Launcher is MultiLauncher, which lets you assign one or more DAs (or applications) to a key, and will show a popup list of them when you press that key. Some shareware launchers like McPhling, ZLauncher and FastLaunch (Treo/Centro only) include DA launching facilities as well.

Or perhaps you don't want to fool around with assigning things to keys, and just want to run the DAs as if they were normal applications. In that case, you can use the free DA List application which shows a list of your available DAs and lets you run one of them.

The DAs below are mainly there to help you use your Palm in the dark.